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Well, we Top Nail Salons Mesa, believe feet are the most important organ of your body, and by default gets the first impression as well, imagine going for a meeting, totally dressed in best clothes, but with worse-looking feet, and ankles having dirt accumulated on it. It is panicking right. But here we provide the best way to treat your feet that is pedicure, where your feet will feel relaxed, and become ready to support your mobility.


As our feet carry our whole weight, it gets swollen a bit, and sometimes the wrong selection of shoes also adds to the tiredness of the feet. But here at Top Nail Salons Mesa, we provide life to your feet and rejuvenate it. We offer different pedicures, from basic to extraordinary as per the demand of the client and of course the condition on the feet. But all have one basic step that is soaking and scrubbing the feet and massaging them. First, we let the feet soak in the warm water so that the skin becomes soft for the next step. Once it is soaked for a good 10 – 15 minutes, we gently clean it. While soaking your feet we do add a few drops of essential oils, that help to relieve the stress, we also add some drops of disinfectant, that totally germ-free your feet. Then another step begins, we scrub your feel with mild formulas, that softly remove the dead skin cells piled up on the upper layer of the skin.


The thick skin built is due to the dirt that gets piled up on the skin, and if they are not cleaned properly, may result in cracked heels. But here we Top Nail Salons Mesa, take the charge to treat your feet with utmost care. After scrubbing the dead skin cells, feet are again made to dip in the water, and let it get soaked for a further few minutes. After this, the best part comes, that is massage. Good massage definitely improves the circulation of the feet but also releases stress from the body as well.


We have experienced staff members, who are experts in their tasks. All are trained to cater to the client in the best possible way. The staff here are friendly, ready to listen to you, and curate the best possible advice to you. Because of this, clients feel free to share their skin concerns with them and ask for the best-suited service.


If you have special concerns regarding the texture of your skin, consult the skin doctor, and if he has recommended a pedicure, visit Top Nail Salons Mesa, and we will treat your feet so well that it will bring back the life in your feet. We have trained staff to give required care to your feet. You can opt for therapeutic massages as well. We only use the best quality products that ensure the right treatment for your tired feet.


After the massage, we move to another step in the process that is giving the right shape to your toenails, cutting them in the right direction, and removing the extra skin around the nails. It gives a neat look to the feet and gives a hint of freshness. No one likes to get a look at dirty feet, cracked or not painted well with Top Nail Salons Mesa. After trimming the nails, the choice is given to choose among different colors that will enhance the beauty of your nails.


Pedicure at Top Nail Salons Mesa is done while taking all the hygiene-related precautions. The staff makes sure the equipment to be used is sterilized and even their hands are properly washed and sterilized to avoid any infections. After COVID 19 we have accelerated our safety precautions. Staff members are instructed to wear masks at all times. The chairs and tables in use are properly sanitized.


We are the renowned name in the respective industry. We take immense pleasure to announce that we have a record to maintain the client belt. Once the person has come to us for any service, it is certain, the experience will be excellent and chances are he will become our regular client at Top Nail Salons Mesa.


More than anything, our google reviews say more about our excellence in the department. We have gained positive reviews on the behalf that our staff was really cooperative and friendly. Our ever-welcoming staff makes sure you leave us feeling happy and wonderful after a memorable beauty ride. We make sure we are at the top of the game when it comes to using the latest products and techniques. Our experts at Top Nail Salons Mesa

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