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“Every year we help thousands of women feel and look even more stylish with there best nail in Mesa AZ!”

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Our friends and families have been in the nail salon business since we migrated to the USA. The nail salon business has been our minds and souls due to the fact, that we were lack-of-trades. Growing up in the nail salon family, there were lots ups and downs in the nail salon business. Most importantly, the lack of healthy air leads to chronic sicknesses and some even died. Enhancement nails generate so much unhealthy dust according to insurance data for nail salon.

Most nail salon workers vent their dust collection systems inside the salon and get more fine dust exposures. Nail technicians cause one in seven to develop such bad allergic reactions.

They must stop nail tech jobs, force one in fourteen into an early medical retirement, poisons, and nasal cancers. They lose an average of 1% of their respiratory capacity per year of work which worsens age related health problems and shortens lifespans. I have long wanted to protect our love one’s and customers from airborne dust hazards. My goal is to build a healthy and safe environment for nail technicians and customers. Protect them from fine dust hazards. I customized a stationary air filtration system located right below the fingers’ tips to effectively filter out the contaminates before its airborne. This protects nail technicians, children, and ladies from fine dust hazards and chemical exposures. We believe beauty does not hurt and beauty of life is to beautify yourself.

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Palace Nail Lounge Provide best Nails & Waxing Service in Gilbert / Mesa AZ!


We use hospital grade AUTOCLAVE to sterilize all metal instruments. Basin soaks eliminate bacterial problems associated with pipe less jet pedicure chairs

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The Best Nail Salon Near Me, Mesa, Arizona

The most advanced and latest trend in the glamour world and the most popular trend with youngsters is to get their nail services and from Best Nail Salon in Mesa AZ and we are the leading company in this business and with ample of experience and with a dedication which is focused only for our clients and for their satisfaction. We are the best nail salon in Mesa and the company which is in business not only for clients, we are with clients, about clients and along with clients and our motto is service and quality with best efforts.

The salon with all the amenities which one could imagine and the salon where customers leave with smile and always are eager to come back and nails Mesa is having one name on everyone’s communication and that is Palace Nail Lounge. We are the most customer-centric salon in the area and catering to clients from all places and from different backgrounds. We are serving business professionals, young girls, college girls, and modern-day women. We are standing best and rated first by our customers always.

With increased competition and best manicure pedicure in Mesa Arizona  we have followed and maintained one single pricing, customer service, satisfaction, and delivery of high-level smile so our clients should feel proud that they got their nail services from us. We are giving nail extensions, nail filing, nail fining, and nail art services and Acrylic Nail Design Mesa at very reasonable charges. We are on peaks of nail salon Mesa and the company with only one aim and that is to give best and to be best. We use the best quality products and we don’t compromise on our quality at any cost.

Are you Looking for a high-quality and affordable acrylic nail design in Mesa? Look no further than Palace Nail Lounge! We offer a wide range of acrylic nail designs so that you can find the perfect one for your style. Our acrylic nail designs Mesa are made from high-quality materials, and our skilled professionals are always on hand to help you achieve the perfect look.

Best Manicure Pedicure Mesa, Arizona

In this time where we are exposed to sunlight, dust, and a lot of harmful particles it is vital to get your pedicure service and we are the most preferred Top Nail Salons Mesa and the services which we provide are feet massage, feet spa, pedicure, bubble spa, and all these services will be done by experts and we only hire experienced, qualified and the best pedicure Mesa with most polished ways to satisfy and delight the customers.

We will be giving services to our clients with nails Mesa and our staff will welcome you with open gestures and they will absolutely bring a smile to your face and will nurture this talent with the most crucial eminence. In nails Mesa you will be outshining and we are sure that you will receive praise from everyone and people will ask you from where have taken the services and we know that the name will come on your first words will be ours and we the Top Nail Salon in Mesa and the most visited salon in the entire region.

The ideal way to keep your feet safe and glossy and glowing is to care for them on daily basis and we do understand that is not possible at home and we are the solution for this and we will be making it a reality with our efforts. We are owing to the place of best pedicure Mesa and our services in nail salon Mesa are top class and we are matching all the standards that one could imagine in the entire salon industry.

Manicure Pedicure Mesa, Arizona

The Palace Nail Gilbert is the perfect place to go to get Manicure Pedicure done. They offer a wide range of services, from simple manicures to more complex pedicures. They also have a wide range of products, from nail polish to nail art, so you can find everything you need to make your nails look their best.

Our staff is extremely friendly and helpful. They will take the time to listen to what you want and help you choose the right service for your needs. They also have a great selection of nail polishes, so you can find the perfect color for your nails. Our talented and experienced staff will help you choose the perfect nail design to complement your outfit and style. We use only the finest quality products to ensure that your nails look their best. Come and experience the best Manicure Pedicure in Mesa, Arizona at Palace Nail Gilbert today!


Juli Severson
Juli Severson
Absolutely loved this place. Huong was my nail lady and she was so attentive to my nails, really took her time to properly trim, shape and file the nails; As well as trimming all the dead skin off around my nails. I’ve been to so many nail places all over the valley and she was my far the best I’ve been to for a pedicure. The price is fair, what you can expect from any higher end nail place but with the complementary drink (Alcohol) and attention to detail its the best option in my opinion in the area!
Georgina Redman
Georgina Redman
Best nail salon in Mesa area 10/10. Beautiful salon with great music. All the employees are so nice and fun to be around. I always come here and leave happy and relaxed. Its a stress free experience with amazing results. HIGHLY recommend Elaine for dip, gel and especially Nail Art and Designs. She did such a beautiful job for my bridal shower nails. I’m in love with them. I’ll keep coming back to her every time 😄
Claire Lewis
Claire Lewis
Absolutely love my nails!!! Elaine did a full set of acrylics and design and it came out perfect! I couldn’t be happier and all the staff were amazing, especially the nice receptionist Savannah! Will be coming back regularly from now on!!!
Ashleigh Mazella
Ashleigh Mazella
I’m obsessed with Palace Nail Lounge. I’ve been coming here consistently every month, or about every other month since I loved to gilbert 3 years ago. There are other nail salons closer to my house but this one is super special. There’s nothing like it! Every time I come, they make me feel like a queen in my palace! I’ve been happy every time with my nails here, which is surprising because I’m normally very picky! I’ve never asked for a specific nail tech, and have had amazing service and work done every time consistently. I’m just now getting around to writing a review for my favorite nail place ever. Today was particularly amazing, perhaps my best pedicure of my life. Vicki is a newer nail tech here and I would love to have her again! She did the most lovely design, and took her time and put a lot of care into my service. As if I couldn’t love this place more- thank you so much Vicki! And everyone at Palace. Love you!!!
Fort Hubbs
Fort Hubbs
Wonderful service! I have had Elaine both times I’ve been here and she is wonderful at design! My acrylics lasted a month before I needed to come back in! Great drinks and environment!
Erin Helfrich
Erin Helfrich
This is my favorite place! Erica is so amazing at nail art it blows me away🤩 Erica is my girl she kills it every time!! Every set I get for my manicures with Erica is so good I get sad when it is time to soak them off! Plus she is super sweet and nice! Wendy and Ann are amazing too! Ann was able to get my ingrown toenail out safely and effectively and it helped immensely with the pain I was experiencing on my big toe before! Front desk is always friendly and nice and gets me in with my preferred person at a time that works for me! I have referred so many people here because of how CLEAN, HYGIENIC, FRIENDLY, and AMAZING the staff is here! And every friend I have had go here loves it! This place makes you feel like a boujie princess and it is a great relaxing time out if the busy week! 10/10! Here are a couple of pictures of my most recents sets Erica did!
Alicia Summers
Alicia Summers
Found this salon in Gilbert next to the super target on power and ray. Booked an appointment for my mom and sister and I and had the best pedicure experience. They offer lots of options for your pedicure with complimentary drink options as well as lots of color options to choose from. We all enjoyed our nail techs company and the beautiful calm atmosphere this place offers. I would recommend this place to any of my friends and family!
Vander Ingram
Vander Ingram
I have been coming to Palace Nail Lounge for months now. Trish is absolutely phenomenal. She takes her time and never rushes. Her dip is the best I’ve found in town! It lasts so long and always looks beautiful! The customer service here is second to none. They are always running on schedule and are so friendly! I refer everyone I know to Palace Nail Lounge.

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