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Have your hands been working overtime? Relax with this energizing treatment that will eliminate tension and specialize your outlook! Gel color delivers 14+ days of flawless wear, superior color, and mirror shine with zero dry-time. It is a true innovation of chip-free, extended-wear nail color!

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So here at Manicure Pedicure Mesa, we are all prepared to handle your diverse hand and feet-related needs, if you want to give yourself a dose of self-care, and new life to your hands, contact us. We possess expert staffs that understand different skiing concerns. If your feet and hands are in terrible condition due to some infection or allergy we would suggest you visit the skin specialist or derma, but if it is just because of the normal wear and tear, then we can better handle it. Also giving you aftercare tips to maintain the health of nails and prevent it from early decay.

Once you have stepped in Manicure Pedicure Mesa, be ready for your self-care day, we can customize the services according to your concerns that too at an affordable price range. We work with a team of experts, who can guide the clients about the services and help them with choosing the right set of services. Don’t worry, we are against the notion of giving the set of a million unnecessary services list, to make good bills and burn your pockets, but we are here to curate the right set of services that are necessary to bring back life in your dried hands and feet.

The beauty industry is the field, where there are no constant trends, every day some new trends and styles are becoming the news, Manicure Pedicure Mesa wants to be ahead of all other salons so, we work on the notion of regularly training our staff so that we are regularly learning something new, and when any client comes to us, and ask for some particular service, with giving us reference from some Instagram model, we are ready to make her wish come true.

There are times when some other salons advertise themself as affordable service providers or give any extra discount coupons but at the time of billing, there are so many hidden charges, that ruins the experience of their clients, but here, there will be no chance like this, because on the first stance we offer affordable services, without any false claim, and do not charge our clients on account of hidden costs. We want each visitor to be our regular client, and this is possible if we are trading the services on a fair basis.

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After tailoring the right set of things, according to your skin concerns, you are ready to witness some relaxing hours. From soaking your hands and feet in the warm water to finally applying the mask to pack the moisture, we at Manicure Pedicure Gilbert, just use quality products, we are totally against the notion of using cheap quality products on our worthy clients because, in the long run, it will ruin our image and client will not like to visit us if any side effect or infection happens. So from essential oils to final nail enamel, we only use high-end quality products that adhere to international quality standards.

Talking about the standards, another thing that has become the need of the hour is hygiene and sanitation in the salon. In the time of the pandemic, when we are returning to the normal world, we make sure there is no chance we are violating the corona precaution-related norms. Each staff member working with us is fully vaccinated, wearing masks and gloves all the time. We do conduct regular temperature checks for extra safety. Each tool or equipment that is being used in any procedure of Manicure Pedicure Gilbert is properly sanitized and cleaned after every use so that there is no chance of contamination or infection.

Well, how many times have you spared a few minutes every day to take care of your hands, or in a day, how many times have you applied the thick layer of moisturizer to protect the skin of your hands and feet? We already know your answer that you are working 24/7, you are a working mother, who does not get time for herself. We at Manicure Pedicure Gilbert, understand your hectic schedule, work commitments, and your ignorance of your hands and feet condition. Our hands are the most used and noticed part of the body, imagine going on a date with cracked nails, or chipped nail paint. It will affect your image.

We possess different technologies along with expertise in using them in procedures. Nail care services are our specialty, but in fulfilling the various other demands of clients like nail art, extensions, or having gel nail polish we Manicure Pedicure Gilbert, are not lacking at all. We have maintained a client belt over the past many years, and their trust in us is only because we provide quality stuff, whether it is about any nail care product or any tool…only the best products are utilized in the procedures.

We are proud to announce that we have maintained a record of having 5-star ratings from almost every client visiting us. There is no chance that once you have taken our services, and got any complaint against any of the staff members or about anything else in the salon. Each staff member is experienced to handle the diverse needs of the clients.

Still thinking about Manicure Pedicure Gilbert, feel free to contact us, for booking an appointment, we guarantee you that after getting your nails done from us, you will be receiving tons of compliments from everyone. Each friend from your circle is going to ask about us. We don’t mind sharing that 90% of our business comes from client referrals, clients feel super confident about us, and they blindly trust us for the services we trade. The only reason is, our trained staff, and basic ethic we work with, that is not charging clients any extra penny.

We make sincere efforts in being at the top of the nail game…..and we believe this is only possible if our clients are happy and satisfied with us.

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