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We at Pedicure Nail Salon Gilbert understand your hectic routine and know pretty well that people, in general, don’t have time to take care of their feet. But it is also a fact that dirty feet are the first thing to be noticed in the entire look. Imagine walking in a meeting hall. Looks all professional: Wearing high-end clothes with the best makeup possible. But having the cracked heels popping out of your sandals. It would be enough to ruin your image and confidence. 

Usually, our feet get swollen because it carries our weight; also it is more prone to germs and dirt. Sometimes wearing heels every day can make your feet tired too. We spend enormous amounts of money buying expensive sandals or shoes for our feet but often neglect to moisturize them or at least massage them once in two days. In this situation Pedicure Gilbert helps you out, we offer a range of services to make sure your feet get back into the right condition and look beautiful. We provide these services at an affordable price because we do not believe in charging extra money or burning clients’ pockets in the name of self-care. 

We at Pedicure Mesa, give many options to choose from, clients can go from regular pedicures to therapeutic ones. It all depends upon the wishes of the client and course the condition of the feet. Many times our toenails get yellow or start paining, in these cases if there is no severe cause of this pain; doctors prescribe the pedicure to the patients. Sometimes it is due to some allergy or infection; in that case, only medical help would be useful. But in the rest of the cases, a pedicure is enough to heal your tired feet. 

Pedicure Nail Salon Gilbert

Well, the process of every pedicure starts with soaking the feet in warm water, along with adding some drops of essential oils, which act as an antibacterial agent. After soaking it for a good 20 – 25 minutes, we get your feet ready for the next step. At Pedicure Nail Salon Gilbert, we only use quality products on clients’ skin, there is no meaning in offering services that can cause infections or side effects in the long run. Hence we work on the notion of using the best quality products only. This is the reason clients trust us blindly. 

Usually, dirt gets piled up on our skin and becomes part of our outer skin; also it gives a dirty wrinkle look to the feet. Cracked ankles are a common effect of it. So to counter that, we tend to scrub the feet, to remove the dirt layer from the skin. This process will give a nice shine to the skin. If the client is having some smell irritation problem, or her nose is sensitive to certain fragrances, then in those cases we offer odourless products which are soothing to the skin.

Now after removing the layer of dead skin cells, feet are ready for the best part, which is the favorite of every client, “massaging” not just moisturizes the feet but also releases the stress from the body. After working for a long day, and then getting a nice massage, what is better than that? We possess experienced staffs that are well trained to work on the pressure points too. It will give you an extraordinary experience during the entire process. We Pedicure Gilbert only use ultra hydration moisturizing creams for the massages, which are made with oils, needed to revive the life in your dry feet.

After giving a nice warm massage to the feet, we apply a mask on the feet. It depends upon the skin concerns, or you can choose on your own, which mask you want to be applied, we offer a wide range of mask gels and creams. After letting it sit for some minutes, the feet are washed and pat dry gently. Clients can choose another customizable set of services. From cleaning the nail and applying nail paint to choosing another set of nail art, it is purely the client’s choice. 

Pedicure Mesa

At Pedicure Mesa, each process is finely curate according to the special demands of the client. We understand your diverse needs and special skin concerts too. Some clients just ask for normal nail cleanup and nail paint application, but some others choose acrylic nails or hard nails after their pedicure. The choice is purely given to the client; she can decide her self-care plan.

If the client is only interested in having a special shape to the toenails, then we just tend to clean the nails, soften and trim the cuticles. Trim the extra hanging nails if any. Clients can choose which shape they would prefer, like an almond, square, round, oval, or coffin. Whatever is the demand, we can work according to them. Further at Pedicure Gilbert, we give the choice to the client to choose a nail paint color, it can be normal nail enamel or gel nail polish. This just enhances the overall beauty of the feet. 

We feel proud to share that we are considered the best Pedicure Nail Salon Gilbert because we have worked according to the trends in the market. We are always prepared for the new things running in vogue. When all other salons are trying to understand the trend, our clients are availing these services at Pedicure Mesa. Our ever-welcoming staffs make sure you leave us feeling happy and wonderful after a memorable beauty ride. Once the person has come to us for any service, it is certain, the experience will be excellent and chances are he will become our regular client. We make sure we are at the top of the game when it comes to using the latest products and techniques.

Our 5-star Google rating is enough to showcase how much appreciation we receive from our clients.