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Dipping powder nails are an excellent choice for those who wish to have strong, long-lasting nails while adding strength and durability for their nails. Dip powder nails are a hybrid between gel polish and acrylic extensions. Vitamin E and Calcium in the dipping powder are added to promote the nails to grow stronger and healthier. Dip Powder does not require UV lights to bond it to the nail.

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We are all set to serve your diverse needs, regarding nails. Dip Powder Nails Mesa is one of them. If clients love the flexibility of gel nails and the durability of acrylic nails, we do suggest they should avail themselves of Dip Powder Nails Gilbert services. Initially, when the nail art trend began, everyone rushed behind the nail extensions or gel nails, but these days the most preferred one is, decoration with dipping powder. It gives your nails a certain clean and sophisticated look.

You can choose as many color choices as you get in traditional nail polishes or gel nail paints, we serve you with powders of your preference. The fashion for Dip Powder Nails Mesa can be seen in viral videos on social media, there would be no day when you are not seeing any picture of prepped nails on Instagram. Beautiful and maintained nails are the addiction, once you get yourself one. Dipped powder nails are the new talk of the beauty town these days. It is said to be the combination of gel nail paints and acrylic extensions but without the curing of UV lights.

The process of Dip Powder Nails Mesa starts from cleaning the nails; first, it is made sure the nails are dry and free from any sort of dirt particle or moisture. Further, the cuticles are pressed back and any unnecessary skin or nail is cut down, and dry the nail plate for the second step. Here we maintain the hygiene practices from the initial step to avoid any infections or allergies.

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After preparing the nails we apply a bonder which helps to stick the dip powder to the nail plate, we make sure all the products used in the entire procedure are of supreme quality. We Dip Powder Nails Gilbert do not like to charge enormous amounts for poor services. A high-quality bonder helps to stick powder to the nail plate properly so that it lasts for a longer duration.

Another step in the process is brushing the nail with the powder; you can choose powder of your own choice, of any color you can imagine, just like you choose for traditional nail enamels. We at Dip Powder Nails Mesa use the brushing technique, rather than dipping the nail into the entire tub of powder, for hygiene purposes. Initially, this was the way, when multiple clients used to dip their nails into the same pile of powder. But here we tend to brush the powder on the nail plate, just like we do with our nail paints. By this means, some powder gets wasted, but for us, the priority is the client and her experience with Dip Powder Nails Gilbert.

By applying two coats of powder, your nails will get thick, feel strong. Each layer of powder is applied after waiting for some minutes to make sure the first layer of powder is completely dried on the nail plate. We use good quality powder, so even two layers are good to go, but if the length of the nail is a bit long, we apply 2- 3 coats of powder.

Once the nail plate is dried, we move on to another important step, which is giving the right shape to your nails, you can choose the shape of your choice, like an almond, square, coffin, or round. Any sort of shape can be carved. Here at Dip Powder Nails Gilbert, we file your nail ends, to make sure it is smooth and suits your fingers. The topcoat of the activator is applied to give a smoother look, it will just add to the radiance of the nail color.


Dipping powder nails are so easy to do even at home, as you can just do it on your own, at the convenience of your home, it’s almost similar to the process of applying nail paint. For that, you can avail of our Dip Powder Nails Kit Gilbert, but getting your nails done by a professional just adds to the quality and process, and sense of comfort.

We have a team of experienced staff, who are trained enough to handle your diverse requests and wishes in the nail department. The services you will enjoy with us are enough to make you our permanent clients for a lifetime. We assure you, that once you get your nails done from our place, your friends are gonna ask about us, and if it’s your Instagram story, people are going to compliment it. You are going to receive so many compliments for your beautiful nails.

Dipping powder is nothing like a new technique in the beauty industry, it has been in the market since the 80s, but in recent months, it has gained some popularity. One reason is, it is long-lasting as compared to gel nail paints or any other nail art technique. Plus, there are no UV lights included to dry the nails, which means damage on that account.

By this means, dipping powder technique, your nails will be maintained for nearly a month. If you are taking care of it, the powder will not easily chip off. We use high-quality products, so don’t worry about the damage to your nails.

We take immense pleasure in announcing that we Dip Powder Nails Mesa, are sufficing the market for the past many years, once the client has availed our services, there is no chance that she will think about visiting any other salon, or some other salon would be able to impress her with the services. We set a benchmark in the respective field, by providing nothing but the best services to our worthy clients. We feel proud to share that our maximum business comes from the references of our clients. Because we work on the notion of delivering smiles, by catering best and effective services. We have maintained a client belt over the past many years, and their trust in us is only because we provide quality stuff.

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