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Hard nails are the new talk in the beauty industry; we often get clients who are confused about the nail services they need to avail of. We say that if you want a more natural look, durability, and flexibility, then only Hard Gel Nails Mesa will suit your requirements. We are the top contenders in the beauty industry, for providing up-to-date and quality services. We are serving clients for many years, and feel proud to share that not even a single client was unhappy with the services she got from us.

Still confused about Hard Gel Nails Mesa, well this nail procedure is safe, durable, and flexible. If you are properly managing your nails, this can last up to a month. This is a lightweight formulation as compared to acrylic nails, your nails will not yet yellow or stained as it gets after acrylic nails. It is stain proof. So you can do your daily household chores freely, without thinking about the stains.

It is more flexible than acrylic nails, but that doesn’t mean you can be harsh on them, when it is moved beyond its flexibility limit, definitely it will break. But all in all, this is the best nail procedure for those, who want low maintenance nails, and love the natural look over acrylics. This will give your hands an elegant look that will get all the compliments from your friend circle.


If you are confused about Hard Gel Nails Gilbert, then keep reading this article for the next few minutes. Hard nails are made from a composition of monomers, which is directly available in the containers, we do not need to get it mixed with anything to be applied on the nail plate, rather it contains an apt composition. Unlike acrylic nails, where the product is made of powder and liquid monomers. Acrylic nails may appear strong, but hard gel nails are more durable and flexible and give a natural look to the nails.

We Hard Gel Nails Gilbert welcome you to attain the world-class services available at the best possible price. We are continuously getting positive feedback from our clients that are boosting our confidence and motivation to perform better. You can analyze our popularity and clients’ trust in our salon, that we possess 5-star ratings on Google too. Once you have attained our services, there will be no chance that you will think to try any other salon. We are the ones who walk parallels with trends and possess enough expertise to deliver expected results.

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Nails are the most ignored part of the body. Imagine wearing all the glamorous clothes with high-end accessories, but yet people remember you for your dirty nails, well, nothing is worse than this. Managing your nails, taking care of them, is just a part of the hygiene routine, we here at Hard Gel Nail Polish Gilbert, share this responsibility with full grace. If you are looking for a salon providing the best hard gel nails, then you are at the right place.

The process begins with cleaning the nail plate; it’s made sure that there is no dirt or moisture on it. If there is any other particle, then the gel might not stick well to the nail. After that the hard gel is directly applied to the nail, we use the best quality gel maintaining international standards. We at Hard Gel Nail Polish Mesa believe that if any salon wants to sustain itself in the beauty industry, it needs to use quality products on clients so that there is no case of infections or side effects on the skin and nails. The gel is applied with the thin brush, and it is not pressed into the nail, rather it is applied so gently and precisely that no air bubble is left. Because air bubbles make the gel strip off from the nail plate.

Also, the gel is applied very keenly, making sure it does not touch the skin because it will straight away chip off the gel from the entire nail. We maintain hygiene during the entire procedure, along with quality products; we make sure the equipment used in the meantime is properly sanitized and clean. Our staff follows all the covid 19 related precautions and wears proper masks. Each staff member is fully vaccinated and we do regular body temperature checks on them too.

After applying the gel, it is cured under UV lights, this process is called polymerization. After the gel is completely dried, you can choose the shape you want for your nails, like an almond, coffin, or simple square. Whatever shape you prefer, will be filled precisely. After that, you can also choose to have gel nail paint over the hard nails. It will make your nails look more beautiful and long-lasting.

At Hard Gel Nail Polish Gilbert, we work with experienced staffs that are well trained to cater to you. You won’t find any moment when our staff is misbehaving or not handling you well. After entering the salon, just be ready to relax, and effectively get your services. Many clients come to us, worrying about the possible allergy issue from hard nails. But we would like to clear their doubt that it is the safe formula that is odourless, so the clients who are smell sensitive love to have hard gel nails. It is made with oligomers, which act as a barrier between the gel and bloodstream. It restricts any infection.

It is an acid-free formulation, so there is no chance of damage to the nail. But yes the damage to the nail plate is possible if the hard gel is not properly removed. It needs to be cleaned with proper tools. Any harsh and forced chipping will ruin the nail quality. So our staff will guide you about the cleaning too, or we can do it for you as well.

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