How To Strengthen Nails: Our Top Tips for Using Hard Gel

Are you looking for a product that will help your nails become more potent and longer? You are in the right place. We’re all aware of the basics – from using cuticle oil routinely to not using your nails as props- but when you’re fighting weak, brittle nails, then the hard gel nails are a must-have.

How do you strengthen your nails?

Our hard gel nails have and always will be hard gel nails! The formula is slightly thicker than regular gel polish and gives extra strength to the nails. This will keep your nails healthy and prevent them from breaking or snagging, which can also make your natural nails stronger and longer! This is a great product not only for using a gel polish for your regular manicure but can be used as well without a layer of color for a super enchanting look.

Can you use nail hardener under gel polish?

Yes indeed! This is the best way to use hard gels. Just apply your basecoat, then 1-2 coats of Hard Gel. Continue with your coat of colored gel paint and finish with your topcoat.

Many of our clients also like to add an extra layer of hard gel before the topcoat so you can experiment with what works best for you and your nails to make sure they stay healthy longer. You can also use Hard Gel without a color coating for a natural finish. For this look, apply a base coat, two coats of hard gel, then a topcoat.

Do you need a base coat if you are using a hard gel?

It is always recommended to apply a base coat at the start of any gel manicure, and this is because it provides the perfect base layer for all subsequent layers to adhere to. We cannot guarantee optimal results if you skip this step, but most users find hard gels applied without primer do not peel or lift. While it is always recommended to use a base coat before applying your hard gel, go for it if you find that it works without one!

How to remove hard gel?

Like all products, hard gels can be soaked with acetone remover. You can soak off the hard gel with a remover pack or acetone and foil, just like a regular nail polish manicure. It is always advisable to file off as much product on the nails as possible, especially when using Hard Gels. This is because there are already 2-3 additional layers that absorb the acetone. Therefore, we being the best nail salon, advise you to ensure that your nails are properly sharpened and ready to be removed to reduce soaking time.

Can you fill it with hard gel?

Many people at the nail salon like to refill Hard Gel because they don’t have to remove the product thoroughly! To fill, peel off the top coat and smudge until you reach a hard gel. You can then use the same color of hard gel for the filling. After curing, apply nail polish to smooth the product. Then you can wipe with a cleanser and continue with your new color and topcoat.

Now you know precisely how to help your nails become more vital. So, if you’re planning a manicure and looking for the best “pedicure salon near me” then Palace Nail Lounge is the place for you. We use the best quality products and do not compromise on quality at any price.

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