What Are The 10 Steps In A Basic Manicure?

Well, manicure and pedicure are the best things to get done from the Manicure pedicure Gibert parlor to add to the glamourous looks of an individual and when it is performed by a professional person then it helps a lot for the person taking the treatment at a salon and we have appointed the professional team those render the services for the manicure and pedicure gilbert.

Performing all the required steps and utilization of high-quality products helps the nails to gain nutrition and grow naturally and healthy. The steps that are included in the manicure of the Manicure pedicure Gibert salon are as before the beginning wash the customer’s hands and dry them with a towel so that they should not be sticky.

Use an antiseptic agent such as trillium to remove a wide range of bacteria, fungal growth, and viruses from the hand of the customerso that the risk of infection is eliminated. If there are nail varnish remainders, we must discard them before proceeding.

To do this, our professional team files down the most accessible remaining with a 180 file and applies aromatic acetone with a cotton pad on the hand of the customers for their welfare of the customers.

Following the next step shape nails with an emery board.

If necessary, shorten the length of the natural nail with nail clippers but only if it is necessary.

The next step involves the removal of cuticles.

These can be removed by using small wooden sticks.

We are careful when working with this sensitive part of the fingers.

Natural nail surface gets smoothen.

We use an emery board, a nail file, as well as a nail buffer so that we can polish the surface of the nail client. In the further step, we prepare the surface of the nail so that the varnish will have a good grip. Afterward, we remove side cuticles and any remaining skin by using a nail file 240. For the side cuticles, we use cuticle pliers. The next step we are following is to Apply a preparatory solution with cellulose paper and keep it for some time to dry.

This way, the nail can remove all the dirt, moisture, or grease and is ready for the next steps. After this, we Apply an extremely thin layer of the base gel. This base layer will protect the natural nail against polish or glue for artificial nails. Firstly, need to work on four nails in one hand, leaving the thumb. Dry it for 60 seconds and if the lamp is ultraviolet, we leave it on for 120 seconds. Repetition of the process takes place on the four fingers of the second hand.

Once the four fingers of both hands are completed, then the turn comes for the thumb. Our professional team applies the desired gel varnish. With an emphasis on the finish of the tip of the nail thin layer of varnish is applied and dried. If more coverage is desired, repeat the process of applying a layer of nail varnish this all is done with the preference of the customer.

Then takes the place of the removal of the residues. Once applied the Gel Gloss to all nails Manicure pedicure mesa professionals and properly dried, use a cleaning solution and a manicure cotton pad to remove the sticky residues from all the nails to make them look glamorous. Wash the customer’s hands properly and dry them conveniently.

The final stage is to apply a drop of nutritive oil, and massage it in circular motions. This oil involves vitamins that prevent the nail from drying, protect the nails from harmful infection and soften the cuticles and add shine and flexibility to the nail. In case the professionals in Manicure pedicure mesa feel there is a need to remove the gel nails then we are available for the client to help them to remove their nails properly by that they will not face any harm to their nails and this will be a treatment for them.

They can easily take the advantage of our salon to make their nails look attractive and that too for a longer period which is beneficial for the girls to add on to their beauty.

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